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Borumba Bash 2014 results

Well the Borumba Bash 2014 is all done and dusted. We had a massive turnout with 65 anglers competing and 140 people through for the SEQ Fishing Wanderers Roast. In the end we raised around $5000 for the Albury Mercy Hospital Palliative Care unit (figure to be confirmed at a later date). I am sure it will be greatly appreciated.
With Borumba Dam being closed the competitors skills were truly tested but they rose to the challenge and found some excellent area's to fish. Yabba Creek was a hot spot for the kayaks launching from the Borumba Deer Park and paddling nearly all the way into Imbil. Some of the teams paddled nearly all the way into Imbil and were getting cheered on by the locals when hooking up.

The headquarters were set up in the shed at the deer park on Friday. Wendy and John, caretakers at the park were great and gave us free reign of the facilities so the kitchen, stages and sponsor areas were all set up for the event. Sound equipment was supplied by the Kawasaki Z Owners club which had the tunes belting. Quite a few competitors came up on Friday to set up and were treated to a great BBQ put on by the Wanderers with products supplied by Sam Allen Wholesale, QFFS and Kingston Friendly Grocer. Friday night the registrations continued, information about the event was passed on and people got together to work out for a game plan. Hopes were high as a 51cm Bass was caught at the swimming area right at the Deer Park.



An early start on Saturday morning with breakfast starting at 3am and some extremely keen anglers grabbing a quick feed and their ID card before heading out. A lot of the yakkers took off to launch in their own quiet secret area while some of the 4WDers checked out tracks around the area and rewarded with some pristine untouched locations. Ray, Andrew and Darren even made the trip over to Lake McDonald to try their luck.

Fishing was quite hard with a lot of Bass and Saratoga being spotted on the surface but they were extremely easy to spook, most going into hiding as soon as you would walk down the tracks. It was very frustrating for everyone as they could see the great structure and the nice sized fish swimming around but they just wouldn't take the lures or bait. A few people had a good bite around sunrise and came back for a meal and submit their captures. Everyone was working hard but mostly small fish were being caught with only a few being legal. As some were struggling they dropped back into Imbil to see Graeme at Borumba Fishing 'n Outdoors for a few tips on lures and locations.










By the end of the day the leader board had changed quite a few times and it was great to see the the kids were getting into the action as well. For quite a while the largest bass photographed caught by Declan was leading the Juniors and Seniors categories. Quite a few people were checking out the leader board and you could see they had something up their sleeve, holding out on submitting their captures until the last minute. On the big screen we had DVD's provided by Adventure Bound/Fishing Edge and Wicked Fishing playing and everyone relaxed for a bit and watched others hook into some great fish. The stories were coming out of fun on the water and there were quite a few people who believed the best way to catch the fish was to go have a swim with them, tackle and all ;) Luckily after a lot of diving most of the gear was retrieved and the fishing on top of the yak proved to more effective then underneath it.


Everyone was pretty worn out from the days fishing and were looking forward to the massive roast meal on the Saturday night. Patton's Big Gun Butcher had provided some excellent roasts, meat and sausages and the smell had been drifting all over the park making everyone's mouth water since lunch time. Meals were served and everyone sat down to have a great feed and wait for the nights activities.








We were lucky enough for some of the sponsors to make the long journey and show off some of their hand made gear. Brad Chard from Reef Master Lures, Jess and Olivia from Ninja Lures and Reeltackle Australia had a great spread laid out for everyone to check out. The donations for the raffles and auctions were getting everyone interested as well. A variety of packs were made up covering all aspects of fishing. Freshwater packs had a combination of spinners, lures and plastics from Searing Tackle, Rupes Lures, Mac's Spinnerbaits, OMG Lures, BJ's Custom Baits and Reidy's Lures while the offshore packs had gear from Pakula Lures, Makka Lures, Bell Marine products, Superior terminals and lure packs from Double Island Point Fishing Charters and Ben Wilson. Some other great packs were put together with products from Kingston Post office, Seafarer Marine, Michael Hill Jewellers, Tcaps Australia and Addiction Adventure Wear.
As the auctions started things started to heat up as a ferocious bidding war started, people were quite keen on getting the prizes. Andrew managed to score a GLoomis rod donated by Mossops Bait and Tackle and was over the moon. Some great laughs were provided by Robbie and Julian trying to get the best deal on the gear. Next time guys no lay-by sorry. Some other items that got a lot of interest as well was the boat hire provided by Moreton Bay Boat Hire and also the Borumba Deer Park and the pest control services provided by Online Pest Control and Trevor Jackson Pest Control.

Everyone headed to bed for one final push in the morning. Early breakfast again with eggs from the Imbil Friendly Grocer and a lot more keen anglers wanting to get to their spots before sunrise. It was all quiet around the camp until 8am when the people who enjoyed the festivities a bit too much stumbled out of bed and were after a nice bacon and egg roll. The competitors started to roll back in and wait for the presentations and raffles. The Baitmate Baitboards and Reelax vouchers went over well as the lucky door and online prizes. There were a massive amount of happy punters taking home some great raffle prizes as well.

Down to the crunch with the competition. It was extremely close with only a few centimetres between all the competitors. Some of the prizes included rods from Ultimate Rods, Austackle and Nordic Stage Rods so there was a fair bit of interest in the placings.



1st Braydon Peace 64cm.


1st Andrew McCormack 45cm. Caught on a G Loomis rod proudly donated by Mossops Bait and Tackle.

2nd Paul Chew 2nd 42.5cm.

3rd Peter Nicholls 3rd 42cm. Caught on a Ninja Lures Spinnerbait.


1st Jason Peace 1st 36.3cm.



1st Declan Stevens
2nd Trent Rooney
3rd Bailey Jefferies
4th Ethan Jefferies










As not all of the prizes were won and some extras coming in late from the Riverhoods Fishing Team and Feralcatt Lures another auction was held and more happy people walked away with some great gear.




We would like to thank all of the sponsors for making the event possible. If you enjoyed the weekend please drop in and support these guys, they donated some excellent gear and love to hear the fish you are catching with it or how the products are going.

ReelTackle www.facebook.com/reeltackle.australia?fref=ts
Bell Marine www.bellmarine.com.au/
Pakula Lures www.pakula.com.au/
Reef Master Lures www.reefmasterlures.com/
Moreton Bay Hire Boats www.moretonbayhireboats.com.au/
Trevor Jackson Pest Control 0418158804
Seafarer Marine www.seafarermarine.com.au/
Searing Tackle www.searingtackle.com.au/
Baitmate Baitboards www.baitmate.com.au/
Macs Spinnerbaits www.macsspinnerbaits.com.au/
Addiction Adventure Wear addictionadventurewear.com/
Rob Gaden from Rupes Lures www.facebook.com/pages/Rupes-Lures/154384124610640
OMG Lures www.omglures.com.au/
Austackle www.facebook.com/AustackleHQ
BJ's Custom Baits www.facebook.com/BjsCustomBaits
Kawasaki Z Owners www.zownersqueensland.com/
Ben Wilson (tray of lures)
Nordic Stage Rods www.facebook.com/pages/Nordic-Stage-Rods...alia/139333892804049
Serlution Solutions www.serlution.com/
Online Pest Control 1300 131 581
Iseek Communications www.iseek.com.au/
Ultimate Rods www.ultimaterods.com.au/
Offshore Fishing SEQ www.facebook.com/OffshoreFishingSeq
SEQ Fishing Forum www.seqfishing.com.au/
PB (anonymous) Thanks mate.
Foxy's Natural Health Solutions www.facebook.com/pages/Foxys-Natural-Hea...ions/205840282844159
Reelax Australia www.reelax.com.au/
Ninja Lures www.facebook.com/ninjalures
Patton's Big Gun www.biggun.com.au/
Mossops Bait and Tackle www.mossopsfishing.com.au/
Double Island Point Fishing Charters www.facebook.com/pages/Double-Island-Poi...ters/585096494837333
Imbil Butchery (07) 5484 5214
Fishing n Outdoors (Borumba tackle shop) www.facebook.com/pages/Borumba-Fishing-n-Outdoors/75837848142
Imbil Friendly Grocer www.imbilfriendlygrocer.com.au/
Borumba Deer Park www.borumbadeerpark.com/
Wicked Fishing www.wickedfishing.com.au/
Sam Allen Wholesale (SAW) www.samallen.com.au/
Reidy's Lures www.reidyslures.com/
Michael Hill Jewellers www.michaelhill.com/
Brisbane City Welding www.brisbanecitywelding.com.au/
Makka Lures makkalures.com.au/
Lee Rayner and Andrew Clark from Black Run Productions - Adventure Bound and Fishing Edge fishingedge.com.au/
Tcaps www.tcaps.com.au/
Kingston Post Office auspost.com.au/pol/app/locate/post-offic...ton-Post-Shop-237008
Queensland Food Service Suppliers qffs.com.au/
Kingston Friendly Grocer (07) 3808 2439
Riverhoods Fishing Team www.facebook.com/Riverhoods1
Feralcatt Lures www.facebook.com/greg.catt.10

Homestyle Bake http://www.homestylebake.com.au/home.html

Fruit Link http://www.fruitlink.com.au/

We also had a few special catch and releases over the weekend. Wayne caught a Mary River Cod and safely released it along with Mark who caught a Lung fish.




Overall a great weekend put on by the Wanderers and lots of fun was had. Massive thank you to all the competitors for putting in the hard yards, the sponsors for providing the great prizes and all the volunteers for making it all run smoothly.

Cheers guys. We are already planning the next event and it will be bigger and better. A bit of a change how we run it but it will mean all the wanderers will be able to fish. Hope to see you all there.

There will be a new competition added to the list as well. Yak Limbo ;)










Thanks for reading.


Oh nearly forgot to mention the best pic of the night. Looks like it was a looooong day.


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